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Already announced the BYD e6 electric as Montevideo taxi


Published at Monday, April 04th 2016, 04:16:41 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Uncategorized.

Abriley company representative division BYD electric vehicles in country is already announcing the arrival of the first BYD e6 electric taxis to officiate for the city of Montevideo. This is a minivan with a driver that delivers 90 kW.

Following an initiative by the company Abriley SA representing the division of BYD electric vehicles the National Bureau of Energy Ministry of Industry Energy and Mining the Montevideo and UTE is that it is beginning to develop the introduction the first 100% electric taxis for our capital.

The model chosen for this company which has no link whatsoever with Sadar and import of other products in the same marker is the BYD e6. It is a compact MPV C segment that was presented in China in 2011 as well as private vehicle fleet for government companies and taxis.

Carsnight able to talk with one of its leaders Issac Attie to know a little more about this initiative. Abriley SA is a company with several shareholders and whose leaders are Dr. Sasson Attie and his son Issac having participated in investments in the automotive category in our country like Argentina and since 2012 he is working in Uruguay for importing vehicles and electric buses.

The project for our market has the intention in principle with Buquebus using electric buses for medium and short distance while in the case of e6 plan to offer it in the first instance only for taxis limos or fleets and if there demand also lead to marketing to individuals.

As discussed with Attie once in the street the e6 for taxi will be costing approximately $ S 65000 + VAT but doing it for leasing this tax exempt while tambi├žen may be acquired through Bandes bank with an initial delivery of U S $ 10000 and fees of approximately $ 1300. In the unlikely event that an individual wants to buy it you have to add to that value ($ 65000) VAT and excises which in electric vehicles is 5.75%.

For reference to what it costs originally a e6 is priced at retail in China about 370 thousand yuan equivalent to about US $ 60000. The difference is that in this country the government delivers on that value a grant of 90000 yuan (US $ 15000) who buy a solution also used with other brands in the United States for example.

For those who do not know BYD already use this product as a taxi in various parts of the world such as Colombia Spain UK Netherlands and Hong Kong where already circulating at least three years the e6 as a means of public transport. In some of these cities the company also has a line of buses K9.

In our country the company is conducting performance appraisals since 2014 with e6 with the idea to start marketing it as of this year. Tests carried out by UTE the IM and MIEM resulted in a field report can be downloaded at this link.

Additionally in late 2014 the Municipality of Montevideo issued a tender with 50 permits for electric taxis. Reduced to acquire the license for electric taxi in 460000 IU (equivalent to approximately US $ 57000) or half the market value of a license based conventional Taxi was fixed. In turn UTE make a contribution of US $ 5000 plus the waiver of the connection charging point.

As is well known last year the Executive exonerated overall tariff rate to electric vehicles for a period of two years and these electric taxis are exempt from patent shot. Specifications can be seen in this link. Bids reception will be held on Monday February 2nd.

The BYD e6 measures 4560 mm long 1822 mm wide and 1645 mm high while the wheelbase is 2830 mm. Its curb weight is 2380 kg and trunk capacity is 450 liters.

The mechanics is a permanent magnet synchronous electric-drive with 90 kW (120 hp) and 450 Nm of torque. BYD says a top speed of 140 km / h and acceleration from 0-60 km / h in 7.6 seconds.

Autonomy promises is 350 km and recharge using a 220 V connection is 15 minutes for a 80% battery fast charge mode while the conventional takes six hours to complete 100%. Additionally declare a time of full charge in two hours using a special module or also known as "wall-box".

The lithium battery is ferrofosfato (LiFePO4) ie the same material as those used by BYD Qin e6 that unlike the hybrid plug is not 100% and electric. In this minivan taxi the battery has a capacity of 61.4kWh.

BYD E6 Rear View
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In turn BYD is not alone in this adventure as Renault has announced its interest to bid for the tender units of its Fluence ZE even bringing a unit test to measure consumption and costs in our country but for now no further information. The BYD e6 taxi in our country officially presented on Wednesday January 28th.

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