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BMW i3 REX, a car for the future

BMW I3 REX Dashboard

Published at Tuesday, March 08th 2016, 04:00:42 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. BMW.

It is a totally different to the rest of what's in the car market. It's 100% electric meaning that only moves through an electrically powered motor but in the case of our test version has an additional petrol engine which produce electricity when the battery runs out. A good alternative to something more viable concept car that has a great future but with this a little harder.

It's complicated no doubt because there are few charging points and especially because having a range of 110 kilometers is really limited. And it is not true for the vast majority of car users who need more autonomy for movement with some reassurance daily. But it is also an ideal car if it suits our needs because driving an electric car especially in town it's a blast. And also its cost of ownership.

The truth is that BMW has made a big bet on electric vehicles has developed a new concept car with a very innovative technology in which carbon fiber a lightweight and sophisticated material but also very expensive is the protagonist. And so it has also launched a new factory in which to produce and work with this material so complicated.

The focus of the Bavarian brand is very broad because in addition to an electric car technology and installing a new factory has also made a great effort to do with the BMW i3 REX a completely different car with an aesthetic that recalls not anything other models in the BMW range. Well maybe you can talk about one thing that looks like his brothers plus the chairs its frontal shield and his joy ride.

If one thinks before getting on the BMW i3 which will look similar to what is in the market for this type of electric vehicles as it is very wrong. In this case has a unique design with a different opening doors with a minimalist interior which makes it entirely. And has the imprint of the Bavarian brand as his sporting behavior is concerned.

Its acceleration capacity is really good what makes you different from the rest because it remains a vehicle to enjoy driving but with the limitation that autonomy a bit sparse with only those 110 kilometers running on batteries. But it's a BMW.

When we sat at the wheel and we know differently. Especially for your dashboard which is really small and simple. What commands in this table which is actually a little screen height is an indicator of vehicle operation. In the rest position the cursor is in the center and as do a greener or more sporty driving the cursor moves left or right. Controlling this indicator will we know if we are doing a good or bad of this electric conduction.

Below this are the most important indicator is the autonomy meter in stick form. Nothing else to do a full recharge it indicate about 110 kilometers. And on the left side we find another bar that does the same with autonomy in extended mode and the petrol engine ignition.

This additional engine is just that an additional motor. Therefore has only 34 horsepower up from 170 hp electric motor provides BMW i3 REX. It is a propeller bike two times and fairly quiet.

Definitely autonomy is the key issue in an electric vehicle. Therefore in addition to the two bars for autonomy in electric or gasoline wears a third indicator this time digital where the total kilometers you can go without stopping to refuel is analyzed.

The car always works with the electric motor but in the case of a version with extended range system the REX our test we always take the extra engine to not stay lying. The driver does not have to do anything but when batteries are running low automatically connects the gasoline engine. But this is a bit powerful engine that is located next to the rear axle. If the car once the battery AGORADA must move through the urban traffic and moderate speed no problem. The engine generates more than enough electricity. The problem comes when we rolling road at high speed about 120 or 130 kg / h.

In this case the engine is very fair to produce enough energy to the motor for the air conditioning compressor and others. Therefore what you do is prioritize energy for the engine and thereby ensuring the movement accelerations and others. Therefore rolling road is easy for us to disconnect the air conditioning compressor or some other source of excessive consumption of electricity.

Once depleted the third battery power the driver can force the gas engine operates to charge the battery part. This is a perfect system when you're rolling road and go into a town where there are no usage limitations for electric vehicles.

The car also has three very different driving modes much like their brethren in range. It is the same button bearing the 1 Series or Series 3 and pressing up or down to find three positions. The starting point and the most common way is comfort. In this case the driver dosed himself the car running allowing you to move much when you want or make a quieter ride. Above are the Eco Pro mode and Eco Pro + mode.

The difference between modes and is abysmal. If in the first mode the car accelerates very quickly like a good BMW if we step hard on the accelerator in the case of Eco Pro + accelerates very slowly trying to optimize everything to minimize consumption. The Eco Pro mode is an intermediate position speeding a little more than the most economical way but somehow implies a limitation against the "comfort" mode.

Imagine you have a car with a range of 20 kilometers in pure electric mode. If we put the Eco Pro mode then quickly mark 23 or 24 kilometers while the most economical way the quieter we are talking about a range of 28 kilometers.

The BMW i3 REX like any electric car requires a different driving we've done so far with other cars. If in a normal car can make a more or less ecological driving with an electric supposed to what to do is a quiet driving which take advantage of more advanced and saving technology. Therefore an electric perhaps longer makes sense to do a faster and agile handling at the expense of a higher consumption.

BMW has done as I said earlier a strong commitment to electric vehicle. And not only for its mechanical really innovative. Also the style of the car is completely different from everything on the market. It's a fairly small vehicle because it is designed primarily for urban traffic. It moves by road and can run up to 140 kilometers per hour speed limit but in reality is not intended to shoot beyond 100 or 120 km / h limit. At that speed and burns a lot of power and autonomy will see down very fast.

Where moves it is in urban environments. In such areas is where the i3 is at his best. His style is also very striking and really catered to those cities in Central Europe cities with style and with pedestrian or near areas in which electric cars can move more freely.

Its interior is also very innovative. Since its access to the carrier with two large doors that open in normal and two smaller sense the rear opening backwards. This is accessed quite easily ample room for five people where perhaps most striking is its good height available which conveys a great sense of space occupants.

The dashboard is also quite innovative with a very modern and minimalist style with ecological materials that make it clear that this BMW is a new breed of highly technological and advanced highly innovative vehicles and also with a very distinct style.

I just wanted to tell you one more issue its price. Having a BMW is always expensive because it is a premium vehicle segment. And if incorporates innovative technology and sophisticated materials such as carbon fiber then it is clear that the price soars.

The BMW i3 equipped with the electric motor alone is priced at 29000 euros with discount Movele Plan included. And if it comes to the REX version with gasoline engine to increase their autonomy then the price goes up 4500 euros. Honestly the most interesting version is the one with the REX engine because if you do not get to deplete the battery will not use it but two or three times a month we "spend" of autonomy in electric-only mode will have already monetized increased investment in the car. And above all we will be much happier every day and that is paid.

As for the cost if used alone with electricity which is what is done the cost of fully recharge a battery varies greatly with the rate we have but could range from a maximum of 2.50 and a minimum of 1 20 euros. That is we will do up to 110 kilometers and even more in town with a consumption equivalent of one or two liters of gasoline at current low fuel prices. It is the savings that enables electric car every day.

2014 BMW I3 REX Side View
BMW I3 REX Door Open
BMW I3 REX Specs

I would say in summary a very striking and innovative interesting for someone looking for greener car that touch and willing to pay more money for this car. But above all must be someone needed to use an electric vehicle ie having the chance to plug every day at home or at work infrastructure. Otherwise it will not help us at all.

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