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    November 13, 2018 /  Business Management Jobs

    Web design is always a challenge: new web browsers make website owners to turn to web designers to redesign their web pages; different web browsers display websites in different ways, leading to the same problem: redesign. This content marketing help, needs time and if the job is not done right, the release of a new web browser may lead to the same trouble.

    Moreover: a non-standard-compliant website is not a user friendly website (obviously!) and it might damage your business, by driving your visitors away.

    To avoid the inconvenience, ask your web developer to create an? all browsers compatible? website.

    Design for All the Web Browsers

    It?s advisable that you have your website designed according to the World Wide Web Consortium?s accessibility standards. These standards were created to improve user experience and Internet functionality. The most popular web browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari (for Mac) and Konqueror (Linux).

    Once upon a time there was Netscape ruling over the Web. Right now Internet Explorer (IE 6) is the most popular browser, but Firefox is winning territory? fast! However, let?s not forget the PDAs! If you have a website designed according to the accessibility standards, your site will stay functional in the future.

    As IE 6 is not standards compliant, you might want to try designing for Firefox first. Preferred coding is XHTML, but HTML 4.01 will do too. When your web page looks great in Firefox, you may start editing it for Internet Explorer. Then validate your markup. Don?t write on your website ?best viewed with Mozilla Firefox? or ?Best viewed with IE?, etc.

    It?s you who should have a browser compatible website and not your visitors who should change their browsers to be able to see your website. Write a ?best viewed with?? on your landing page and you are going to drive customers away. User-friendly websites are ?best viewed with any browser?.

    Design for the Future

    Standard compliant web pages are the pages of the future. The Internet is constantly evolving and the future belongs to quality websites. Now it?s the right time to start optimizing your websites. If you are a web developer take your job seriously and design for the future. This is how you are going to build up a good name and get more clients.

    Webmasters are advised to support the ?best viewed with any browser campaign?. By creating an all browsers compatible website you make a promise of quality and a commitment to excellence.

    To verify your ?any browser compatibility? you might want to try the free services provided by . Here you?ll find a site viewer, html validation tools and many useful resources that will help you create the perfect website.

    Other Technical Considerations

    When you use non-HTML elements, remember that they are not compatible with all browsers, so provide alternatives. That works especially for Flash sites. I?ve seen a lot of ?to view this web page you need Macromedia Flash? on websites. Do I really need it? Make me! Well, actually they cannot make me. Why? I can leave as fast as I came. I browse? browse away!

    The Most Wanted Tips To Find The Best Social Networking Software

    The growth of social networking through the recent years is really monumental. With the importance of the social networking sites in business promotion, this technology has created a boom in the online marketing world. Social networking is becoming an indispensable marketing tool for any kind of marketing business.

    Due to this reason, the social networks are now crowded with the online marketers. Hence the savvy online marketers have started to create their own social networking websites for the past few months. With lots of social networks popped up, creating unique social networks is necessary.

    This is where the use of social networking software comes into play. As there are countless numbers of social networking softwares available today, choosing the best ones for your site will be very much confusing. Spending some time reading this article will ease your search for the best social networking software.

    Look for social networking software with advanced features

    You will be well aware of the fact there is a flood of social networking software with the common features like adding friends and communicating with them through instant messaging. Hence to highlight in the social media crowd, it is necessary to provide the visitors of your site with some software which is really unique.

    There are some cool social networking software which can be used to play games online. Unlike other online games which need some files to be downloaded, these social networking software require no downloads. The user can directly play multiplayer games online with his/ her friends.

    Analyze the usefulness of the social networking software

    It has to be noted that not all the social networking software will be useful. There are many time killing social networking software too. Though these social networking software for fun were very popular few months ago, things have changed a lot these days. People don?t have any time to waste on these social networking software.

    Instead, they are looking for something really useful. At this point you should think in a user?s point of view and create some social networking software which you think will be of great use to you.

    Don’t do it yourself unless you are a pro

    Many social media marketers make a mistake by creating the social networking software on their own even if they are not an expert in that. The important point to be noted here is that, you cannot afford any bugs and errors in the social networking software you create.

    If any visitor of your social networking website is presented with an error, he will quit your website instantly and will never return. Hence you should not create social networking software by yourself unless you are an expert in that. If you are not sure of creating the social networking software, it is better to get some professional help. Thankfully there are many professional social networking software developers out there.

    All the above mentioned tips will help you find the best social networking software and take your website to the next level.

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