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Euro NCAP: new results, with five, four and three stars

Euro NCAP Review

Published at Sunday, October 23rd 2016, 04:17:31 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Uncategorized.

Euro NCAP released twelve new evaluation results Wednesday. The products tested were: Porsche Macan Land Rover Discovery Sport smart fortwo / forfour Dacia Logan MCV NX Lexus VW Passat Subaru Outback New MINI Hatch Ford Mondeo Opel Corsa and Kia Sorento. This week we had breakfast with handful of Euro NCAP results pulled to close in 2014. There was no more and no less than twelve products analyzed with a well varied range.

Many SUVs and crossovers (Porsche Macan Subaru Outback Land Rover Discovery or Kia Sorento Sport) appear but there was also space for more mundane cars (New MINI Hatch Opel Corsa smart fortwo / forfour midsize sedans like the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat and a low-cost break the Dacia Logan MCV.

Like the products themselves the results were mixed. Very good a lot of improvement. Them up by the first who managed five star deeply cherished. The Macan first Porsche in the history of Euro NCAP testing the maximum score achieved by the following percentages: protection for adults (88%) children (87%) pedestrians (60%) and driving assists (66%).

Rated the best product in this phase was the Land Rover Discovery Sport which achieved the best adult occupant protection (93%) children (83%) pedestrians (69%) and systems of help and assistance (82%) . It follows closely the renewed Kia Sorento (90% in adult protection 83% in child protection 67% pedestrians and 71% for assistance to driving).

The other products drew the highest score were the Volkswagen Passat (85/87/66/76% in adults children pedestrians and assistance respectively) Lexus NX (82/82/69/71% in adults children pedestrians and assistance respectively) Subaru Outback (85/87/70/73% in adults children pedestrians and assistance respectively) and Ford Mondeo (86/82/66/66% in adults children pedestrians and assistance respectively).

Turning to those who got one star less ie four the following products with the respective scores appear: MINI New Hatch (79/73/66/56% in adults children pedestrians and assistance respectively) Opel Corsa (79/77/71/56% in adults children pedestrians and assistance) smart forfour (78/77/65/56% in adults children pedestrians and assistance) and smart fortwo (82/80/56/56 % in adults children pedestrians and assistance).

Only a product obtained a rather disappointing three star the Dacia Logan MCV which is the variant known Romanian family sedan. The values obtained to get that rating were in adult protection (57%) children (75%) pedestrians (55%) and driving assistance (38%).

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Euro NCAP Review
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In turn the Euro NCAP report reads: "In the frontal impact the passenger suffered large deformations and clearly could not handle higher loads". Also the Logan MCV presented a comprehensive crease at the top of the windshield pillars and A- -in beam directed force on impact through the wheel arch and lateral inferior car lost its integrity. " for the other reviews about the newest cars visit here.

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