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Four SUV ideal for climbing skiing

Nissan Qashqai Interior

Published at Wednesday, March 16th 2016, 04:20:54 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Uncategorized.

The first major snowfall of the season left us at the gates of a December ideal for all fans of winter sports. The ski slopes are already working at full operation and the volume of skiers exceeds expectations. Taking advantage of the arrival of these dates in carsnight then we offer four proposals vehicles ideal for skiing each with its own characteristics and personality. Which do you stay?

Nissan Qashqai: the economy is not incompatible with performance

The Nissan Qashqai is the cheapest of the evidence reviewed in the vehicle although this does not mean that it is a good option to consider. In fact this Japanese-selling is one of the cheapest options on the market to choose a quality SUV and capable of being fitted with 4x4.

Its good performance and a spacious interior attached to a settlement prices of super stocks (remember that the new Qashqai will be released in February 2014) make Qashqai one of the most common cars in the parking of the ski resorts . At the end of the day if clearly dominated the Spanish SUV market in recent years it is because deserved place of honor.

Mercedes-Benz GLK: Luxury and comfort on wheels

The Mercedes GLK is the bet of the Bavarian brand by compact SUV market designing a vehicle with a unique personality and surprises for its great driving dynamics.

Available with 4x4 traction on most versions with engines between 170 and 305 hp the GLK exudes power and is the ideal travel companion when the terrain gets tough for most vehicles.

In addition the interior is the level expected in any Mercedes-Benz which surprised the quality of their materials and ultimate comfort seats making it an ideal car for four occupants.

Honda CR-V: A frugal SUV for all terrains

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V which just landed in dealerships demonstrates the commitment of the Japanese manufacturer to keep the aspects that have made the CR-V one of its flagships. Thus the SUV of the Japanese manufacturer offers an attractive design with 4x4 appearance comfort and enough space for five adults good dynamic performance and an affordable price.

Furthermore it is the first model in the range offers a choice of front- or all-wheel drive. Of course the most aventuraros not hesitate to choosing the 4x4 off-road as the Honda CR-V is shown as an agile car with character ready for the road in the most adverse conditions.

Honda has worked hard to achieve offer versions with i-DTEC engine consuming just 3'5 l / 100 km making the CR-V ideal for savers who need a vehicle to perform well in all conditions and surfaces option .

Range Rover Sport: exclusivity Doorstep

Our fourth and final proposal is intended for the most sybaritic and exclusive public. Under the modern look of the new Range Rover Sport greatest powerful and luxurious British vehicle manufacturer hides.

The Sport acronyms are more present than ever in a completely remodeled without losing the essence of being a versatile car as few model. Its spacious interior full of details and extras available make the desired driving the family car anywhere.

Range Rover Sport Wallpaper
Honda CR V
Range Rover Sport Interior
Honda CR V Wallpaper

And speaking of climbing to skiing nothing beats a vehicle like the Sport equipped with four-wheel drive gearbox 8 speed and air suspension to overcome any obstacle. Certainly the lack of power not be a problem since available for the Range Rover Sport motors start at 258 hp and reach an impressive 510 hp gasoline engine and 5 liter 8 cylinder. for the other reviews about the newest cars visit here.

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