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Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Urban Plus 7G-DCT

2014 Mercedes Benz GLA 200 Side View

Published at Wednesday, March 30th 2016, 03:54:03 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Mercedes-Benz.

For four days and more than 450 kilometers we evaluated the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Urban Plus 7G-DCT equipped with the known drive 1.6 turbo 156 hp. This crossover derived from the MFA platform comes to compete in one of the busiest market segments.

The GLA -for me is masculine is a crossover- is the fifth born of the modular product platform Mercedes-Benz. It was its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 (see note) and our market arrived in August this year (see release) with five versions ranging from a GLA 200 Urban with 156 hp the GLA 45 AMG with a beastly 360 horsepower (see release).

In relation to its rivals the GLA you stand products such as Q3 Audi (see release) or BMW X1 (see release) although many also price and size they can bring as competition some SUVs derivatives platforms C segment . Internally it is known under the code X156 and is produced at the plant in Rastatt Germany like his brothers the Class a (see test) and B (see sample).

In our market range -sacando AMG- side to the version is composed of four levels two Urban and two Urban Plus. The first single is marketed under the GLA 200 level and prices ranging from U $ S 59.990 to U $ S 64990 while the Urban Plus can be 200 to U $ S 69990 or 250 to U $ S 79990.

The latter leads 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive automatic transmission sequential two clutches and seven gears and a 2.0 turbo engine of 211 hp while 200 are front-wheel drive manual transmission or automatic dual clutch sixth seven and mechanics hand is a 1.6 turbo 156 hp.


Seen from outside and away the GLA is easy confundírselo with Class A. Not being an SUV does not have that classic look "square" that can be found for example in a GLK (see release). This model goes for a rather refined and nearly C hatchback segment to which they gave a review of the books of Audi Allroad models with aesthetics.

Details such as sconces -the front aluminum is simile but the truth is back the roof bars in the same material and wheel arches clad in a discreet black plastic apply complete the aesthetic off-road ending giving a more masculine than the Class A. An example style ribs are some marked on the hood and roof that give a little more tension lines.

The trunk presents the classic Mercedes-Benz grille with the star at the center two very similar to the Class A optics but in all GLA carrying bi-xenon headlights series with dynamic range control lights and LED daytime running lights integrated high light power. The lower part of the engine is covered by a plastic chapón generously sized.

The side has a rising beltline with fender mudguard and well marked with a muscular appearance while in paragraph Mercedes tire gives wide range rubbers quite generous in size. For this Urban Plus is a Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT measuring 235/50 R18 at the runflat on which I will expand some concepts later.

The rear of GLA presents a rather plump appearance with generous LED taillights design discreet spoiler at the top of the gate and a bezel that although looks pretty good complicated by the C pillar rear vision.

This is where one of the items Serial GLA as is the backup camera leave us to attend to not hit anything while parked. While it is convenient you may be asked considering that this is a $ 70000 vehicle parking sensors.

One of the elements that stand at the level of the Urban Urban Plus "plain" is the most generous panoramic sunroof two pieces one -the fixed and one sliding rear--the delantera-. It really helps the brightness of the interior and the curtain while it is quite fine fine filter heat and UV rays.

GLA dimensions are 4417 mm long 1804 mm wide and 1494 mm high. The wheelbase is 2699 mm. Its drag coefficient Cx is only 0.29 which is pretty good for a product of this nature with the stylized CLA (see proof) states 0.23.


If you blindfolded me and invited me up to a GLA Class A or CLA the destapármelos not find many differences and if I get caught unawares means the reach confuse. Both cockpits share many parts in common and even build quality which is pretty good. In other words they are almost identical except for an ergonomic detail.

The big difference comes from the hand of an armchair placed much higher than in Class A and CLA but somewhat lower than in B. The driving position like his brothers is perfect now with a little more visibility to the front and is very widespread in the regulation of the seat and steering wheel all manuals. On the train claims could well offer for the price a few electric controls for the seat. It is optional on the 200 and 250 series in the GLA.

The steering wheel is thick grip is clad in perforated leather and imitation leather with exquisite and very comfortable touch. Bring commands for onboard computer audio Bluetooth telephony and below the cruise control (or cruise control as Mercedes). On the back of it are the cams for the passage of marches 7G-DCT box and right the selector arm changes called DIRECT SELECT. It's strange the first time you see it but then it becomes very natural to use.

The instrumental is almost identical to those of their brethren though with another design of numbers. It offers four elements needle tachometer speedometer engine water temperature and fuel quantity with a display in the center where data onboard computer among many other functions can be.

At the center of the board takes the much-criticized color display 5.8 "where you can display the audio functions radio consumption and telephony. True it may be retractable have GPS and have better resolution but it is not a bad system.

To handle the myriad functions it is necessary to rely on a small knob called Controller much easier to understand in its commands which some iDrive or MMI BMW and Audi respectively.

Halfway to the console is the computer keyboard sound called Audio 20 CD Radio with USB and Aux-In and Bluetooth hands-free interface connection function display SMS and streaming audio music.

Finally in the lower part of the center tunnel is automatic climate control equipment two-way standard on the Urban Plus but not in the Urban with manual air conditioning. Proper operation and these hot days was an ally of all hours.

The rear seats of GLA allow two people 1.80m go with much more space than a Class A but less than B especially for the head. Despite having sunroof in this version senior adults will come to touch up while legroom is generous. The problem lies in the central square which is narrow and has a false transmission tunnel used to send the drive to the rear axle in the 4MATIC models.

The trunk offers 481 liters of capacity which is 5 less than a Class B but 14 more than in Class A. You can rebut the two rear seatbacks volume thus reaches 1235 liters. In turn it can be rebutted passenger seat can carry long objects inside and GLA also includes a handy collapsible crate to transport eg groceries.

Under a neat carpeted lid is the sealing kit for TIREFIT tires and suffering from endemic of new Mercedes-Benz itself as it has no spare tire to have the runflat holders. The sealant works with small punctures but not to big breaks.

Interestingly I had the misfortune to break so (part of the inside of the tire cracked) one of the runflat en route and having to come to the aid of mechanical assistance to return to a place where I replace it. Luckily people Autolider changing kindly assisted me a new tire to be near Punta del Este where they have a branch.

However it is known that there are places in our country where getting a 235/50 R18 runflat is almost a messianic task and that moors away from the inner cities mechanical assistance can not save you in a timely manner as itself a spare tire even the temporary type.


Like the interior under the hood of GLA no matches his brothers. It has the same drive that already tried all other products derived from the MFA platform. Basically at this point memory could relate to you the features of this engine.

The engine transversely located belonging to the family of mechanical M 270 has 1595 cc displacement turbocharged direct injection. It pays out 156 horsepower available at 5300 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 250 Nm between 1250 up to 4000 laps.

In our unit was associated with sequential automatic transmission dual-clutch seven-speed 7G-DCT called although the Urban variant also allows to be associated to a manual six.

The praises of this drive are repeated to watch him work in the GLA. It's brilliant. Good elasticity and a constant supply of power and torque assisted by a turbo comes in early and a transmission that allows make the best engine without also demand it most thus delivering good consumption figures. Work with the ECO system (also known for start & stop) we work in this direction too.

According to Mercedes the Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 does 0-100 km / h in 8.8 seconds and reaches like the manual a top speed of 215 km / h. The consumption declared by factory are 5.8 l / 100 km in the combined cycle 4.9 l / 100 en route and 7.3 l / 100 km city.

In our measurements although consumption are good away from what the brand says. In town we 8.2 liters per 100 km route 67l / 100 km while the combined cycle we get a 76l / 100km. The curb weight is 1435 kg while the fuel tank is 50 liters plus six reserves.

dynamic behavior

This is where you begin to see greater distances between GLA and his brothers and where the real differential value of this item. Suspensions are firmer than a Class B but much more comfortable and smoother than an A or CLA.

For the city this product is ideal. Despite having generously sized tires the front end feels sturdy and suspensions solve paved potholes speed bumps and cuts of the road well filtering with a smoothness that makes us forget that we profile four runflats 50 axes.

Like their brethren in range has the drive mode selector represented by three letters: "E" (for prioritizing consumption) "M" (for step changes with the cams at the wheel) and "S" (for sporty handling). In town if you are looking for a quiet ride it's recommended to use the first since changes are made between 1500 and 2500 rpm.

In the "E" mode has a more sluggish throttle response but is a German trick: it is designed to save fuel. As I said the engine works at low revolutions in town. About 70 km / h in 7th moves to just 1200 laps. In "S" mode changes spend between 3500 and 4500 rpm and the throttle is more responsive to the feet of lead.

The board has very good attendance at low speed especially in parking maneuvers while mechanical barely audible and if we are with the connected ECO mode shutdown and subsequent automatic ignition engine at stoplights is not for unobtrusive. To this must be added the HOLD mode is activated the brake pedal thoroughly with the car stopped and for removing the foot brake. It also has hill start assistant.

The 7G-DCT transmission as I said more than once is one step behind the queen and mistress of the dual clutch boxes today is the seven-speed DSG Volkswagen Group. The GLA is the slightly slower note but this is already spinning on a fine criterion because its operation is flawless and just as efficient as the leading Audi models.

In the unlikely event that we want to get out of town and do some trillo or rural road the GLA boasts more generous than that of a saloon clearance although it must be said less generous than a traditional compact SUV. It has 134 mm of ground clearance which acquire the Off-Road Pack can be increased to 164 mm a more appropriate figure to move away from the asphalt.

Beyond having a thought for certain secondary roads with earth or sand clearance and bumpy parts-the Gold Coast is one example the GLA at least in the version with front wheel drive is rather limited to raid off -road even light. But it is to be expected since neither the GLA or its rivals have a resume that declare "trialera experience."

Tires meanwhile are specifically designed to use a router and do not feel at ease with very locked or muddy surfaces circuits. It is distinctly urban crossover court. Well not for nothing this version is called "Urban" and not "Countryside".

If we go the route is where you feel most comfortable. It is a product that goes like a sedan with an enviable soundproofing and aplomb that would embarrass more than a sedan. I am not exaggerating. The impeller and the casing draw their best colors making the thousand and six books in seventh gear at 2000 rpm moving at about 110 km / h and achieving a consumption below 7 liters per 100.


The Urban Plus level we tested is best equipped within the GLA 200 in our country. It has a full complement of equipment and among its most outstanding items are: electric pack (levantavidrios mirrors and lock) heated door mirrors automatic connection of the dipped headlights light up automatically bi-xenon headlights with regulation dynamic range of lights and integrated daytime running lights parking light sidelight and direction indicators in LED technology headlamp cleaning system and LED tail lights instrument panel with multifunction display steering column adjustable for height and longitudinal position steering wheel Multifunction webs folding rear seatbacks in 60:40 folding passenger seat stop function ECO start parametric steering with variable steering assistance depending on the speed comfort undercarriage audio 20 CD radio with double tuner color display 5.8 " CD compatible with MP3 / WMA / AAC USB and Bluetooth hands-free interface with streaming audio for music backup camera longitudinal aluminum roof bars sports seats upholstered ARTICO leather-look and alloy wheels of 18 inch tires 235/50 R18 on gearshift and cruise control system (cruise control) electric panoramic sunroof and automatic climate control THERMOTRONIC two areas.

While it's a pretty complete team considering that this is a product of almost $ S 70000 a couple of minimum shortages of equipment that should be standard as power seats fog headlights mirror with automatic anti-glare electrically folding mirrors Keyless system or parking sensor while there are backup camera could do no product compromised rear visibility.

Much of these missing is solved by going to the list of optional but obviously is paying extra. At the end of the note in the list of equipment are items that Mercedes-Benz is offering for Urban Plus level.


All GLA are equipped to the teeth for safety one of the best customs of each Mercedes-Benz. Standard feature: seven airbags brakes (ABS) traction control (ASR) ATTENTION ASSIST system to detect typical symptoms of fatigue and warning the driver of the risk of micro-sleep Extended Traction Control Electronic differential lock control (ESP) ADAPTIVE bRAKE with HOLD function dry brakes when driving in the rain and hill start assistance rear fog lights electric parking brake warning wear brake pads brake Assist BAS sensing function automatic emergency braking situations and assistance to apply maximum braking force monitoring tire pressure and ISOFIX child seat and TopTether.

A GLA 200 Urban was subjected to EuroNCAP crash tests (see Tests). For reference obtained the maximum five-star rating with 96% protection for adults 88% children 67% for pedestrians and 70% for assistance to security with two "Advanced Awards" to offer in option PRE-SAFE system and the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST series.

This alert system by warning lights on the dash and sound when we are approaching another vehicle is stationary or moving at a slower speed while optimizing the braking to avoid an impact.

The brakes have with ventilated front discs and solid rear discs. Its performance is more than satisfactory and stops the GLA in a straight line forever. Also as I said ADAPTIVE BRAKE have a drying function of the disks on rainy days approaching the pads to the brake discs as soon as the driver releases the accelerator. Thereby decreases the response time of the brakes.

The stability and traction controls are not fully disconnectable although instrumental screen makes you think so another German trick. Each maneuver in which the tail wants to beat the trunk of GLA is broken by these systems with a suddenness that reminds you that you're driving a car whose brand is responsible for patenting the ESP by Bosch. In other words try to go against Mercedes-Benz and its pro-safety electronics it's a losing battle.

Price warranty and competitors

The Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Urban Plus 7G-DCT tested is priced Uruguay U $ S 69990 and your warranty is 2 years unlimited mileage. It is the model "medium" range and below are two other GLA 200 Urban without sunroof nor automatic dual zone climate control with manual transmission to U $ S 59990 and automatically to U $ S 64990.

Above all 200 250 4MATIC is the GLA Urban Plus 7G-DCT drive 2.0 turbo with 211 hp and AWD at a price of U $ S 79990 which adds to the model tested driver seat electrically adjustable with memory function including exterior mirror with parking position four-way lumbar support for driver and front passenger light and Sight package (environmental lighting and exterior) sport front seats rain-sensing wipers and undercarriage all-terrain comfort.

Rivals of GLA there are only two the Audi Q3 and BMW X1. The former has an even match for the product of Mercedes but close in price in version 2.0 TFSI quattro S tronic to U $ S 77 490 is the most similar. True features all-wheel drive and a 2.0 liter 211 hp. Audi also offers a level 1.4 TFSI FWD 150 hp automatic transmission and seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch to U $ S 59490.

For the BMW X1 having a much wider range than Q3 we find the variant sDrive 18i Sport Line 2.0 Steptronic a 2.0 turbo 150 hp six-speed automatic transmission dual clutch but not worth U $ S 71900.

Guarantees of Audi and BMW are 3 years or 90000 km if the Ingolstadt brand while Bavaria offers its customers 2 years unlimited mileage ie the same as the product of Mercedes-Benz today tested.


Call traditional SUV to GLA at least in this 200 with simple traction is to charge inks on a concept that is not. Mercedes-Benz decided instead to make a "mini-GLK" make a more focused on what customers are demanding version and that are the crossovers sport utility appearance riding sedan which the GLA fulfills rajatablas .

However the product is not left alone in these two aspects. It stands for unbeatable scheme suspensions clearance if it is not to applaud allows us to survive the urban jungle an interior space is generous-except the width of the fifth plaza while the range of comfort and safety and the motor / box assembly are to stand and applaud standing.

True the Urban Plus level tested is not cheap. Indeed it is above its two rivals. However Urban "plain" versions are a real deal compared to traditional SUVs brands such as Volkswagen Ford Toyota Honda and Subaru. For close to those products and can be climbing to a Mercedes-Benz values and that for many is no small thing.

Mercedes Benz GLA 200 Side View
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2014 Mercedes Benz GLA 200 Reviews
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Therefore the GLA can be a very wise purchase you look down the market but not so much if you put the view to the opposite side stopping alongside their German rivals. The magic is in finding the balance and this product that knows a lot. for the other reviews about the newest cars visit here.

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