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Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV: the most brutal amphibious vehicle

Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV Cabin

Published at Sunday, April 24th 2016, 03:11:47 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Uncategorized.

The Avtoros Shaman is an SUV 8x8 ATV over 6 m length and 8-wheel drive amphibious capabilities and because it can also navigate. The manufacturer of ATVs Avtoros has a brutal model by the name of Shaman 8x8 ATV a vehicle with plenty of properties and attributes that if they wanted the best armies of the moment.

Shaman Avtoros design 8x8 ATV is hard rough rugged ... like a mad bull proud of their muscle. On the outside it is impossible not to look at his 8 huge special wheels more than half a meter wide and 1.2 meters high allowing its aggressive body lift 45 cm above the ground. The external dimensions of the body are not conventional with 6.4 m long 2.5 m wide and 2.7 m high.

The drive wheels 8 Avtoros Shaman 8x8 ATV the differential lock on all axes and comprehensive system of steering wheels allow you to roll by every imaginable terrain. Snow swamps ice sand dunes and even surf on the water since this vehicle also has amphibious capabilities it can navigate to a speed of 7 km / h.

The comprehensive set of wheels guidelines Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV is divided into two parts: a first axis with the 4 front wheels and a second axis with the 4 rear wheels. Depending on how to rotate we can find three situations: first the front axle rotates in one direction while the second does not rotate; moreover both axes may rotate in the same direction; and thirdly the front axle rotating in one direction and the rear axle rotating in the opposite direction.

To propel the Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV uses a 3.0 turbodiesel source Iveco 168 hp engine that allows you to reach 70 km / h speed limit. Thus the Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV is faster and agile than other vehicles with similar capabilities in this case the crawler type. This engine in pursuit of maximum durability and reliability is protected with several protective and waterproof can.

The curb weight of the Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV is about 4.8 tonnes and this despite the fact that the construction is used aluminum and plastic to lighten the fullest.

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Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV
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In short with the Shaman Avtoros 8x8 ATV you can reach any destination that you propose from the swamps of southern Florida to the frozen tundra of the Siberian steppe.

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