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Tata Nano with 230 horsepower, seven times more than standard

Tata Nano Photo Gallery

Published at Tuesday, April 05th 2016, 04:17:04 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Uncategorized.

I remember as the Tata Nano at the time revolutionized the media. The world's cheapest car which would revolutionize India and even come to Europe. Finally the small Tata Nano will not achieve the anticipated success even remotely and happened to be forgotten. Now rarely comes to light this model low-cost but well worth today about it.

You may have noticed that the Tata Nano headed the item is not as standard. It is a preparation of JA Motorsports delivering nothing less than 230 horsepower nearly 7 times more than it delivers its two-cylinder gasoline engine and 624cc series. We're not talking potentiation but a swap since the rear axle and occupying space in the back seat rests a 1.3-liter engine the heart of this Super Nano.

But besides the engine the Nano has receive an extensive list of modifications. At first glance highlights the widened body kit with front and rear bumpers specific which aim to accommodate the wider track of the toddler. Tires are a MRF racing slicks ZLO to ensure the best grip for this utility with a very good power to weight ratio of 2.6 kilos per hp. The exterior design as tops in black tinted windows and smoked taillights.

Tata Nano Picture
Tata Nano Image
Tata Nano With 230 Horsepower Grille
Tata Nano With 230 Horsepower Front View

In the interior we have no images there is a roll cage bucket seats sport steering wheel with paddles and carbon fiber dashboard. The cost of this project for JA Motorsports has just over 32000 euros. It becomes the Tata Nano world's most expensive at least paradoxical and also in the fastest with a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour. for the other reviews about the newest cars visit here.

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