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Published at Sunday, October 23rd 2016, 04:25:39 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Audi.

Past waters say do not move mills. Those same also speak of the past is just dust in time. Similarly others prefer to think that where there was fire ashes remain. And last always returns. Finally the triangle on this thought are those who say that our future is a puzzle unfinished pieces of our past.

You can choose any option all may be valid. But the star that I come to submit forged the philosophy of one of them. Last years served as inspiration to give life to this little German born in Ingolstadt and mischievous personality. It seemed that there would it seemed that S never would accompany the number loneliest of all. And he came here is this week in Current Motor we tested the Audi S1 completion time.

Yes usually all stories begin at the beginning. There is a beginning middle or development and finally an end. But to get them and since I am in the train back home with feelings still raw skin I skip the introduction and go to the point if I may. And importing the principles and of course the final but the way we travel between the two parties the action for you to understand me in our case differentiate this story.

Without presentations pedal and thoroughly

Third gear pedal to the floor and my back against the seats of the Audi S1 as if they had put super glue on them and I would not have warned. And the energy that strikes me neck this 2.0-liter TFSI engine roaring inches from my feet seems even to make dance my brain.

Are 231 horsepower which develops small range of sports. Power peeking from well below the counter but when really it manifests is past the 3000 laps. In the range where I am right now the kick is brutal worthy of Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick.

Scalextric car very real

Foot on the brake lever at second and turn the steering wheel vigorously. After the apex without taking the car still placed at the exit of the curve again stepping forcefully shovel. No sign of understeer. The Audi S1 goes like a bat out of hell to devour the next bend. But of course yet I've told the German rides the Quattro. A system that normally only sends power to the front axle but when things get ugly acts as AWD. If it detects loss of grip it automatically sends more torque to the wheels with the most grip.

To equip the Audi S1 with this technology they have had to make some adjustments in the model. First due to the compact size thereof 3.97 meter long have chosen to attach the rear over the rear axle differential. In turn the fuel tank is now in another position but continues cubing 45 liters.

Next curve to the right same maneuver and same forcefulness with management. The subtlety of the German toying between linked is undoubtedly outstanding. The work of poise that engineers have managed with a team of suspension and solid chassis allows us to find the limits of the sport at every turn. And unlike his brother the Audi A1 range it benefits from an independent rear suspension.

S but ends

We have a hard suspension have a direct contact and a short tour in the manual gearbox with six speeds and we have a precise direction. Even if true this cocktail is not radical. With this moron noticed every crack of asphalt but lounged hairs for it. And the feeling with the lever and steering wheel may even be less extreme than expected showing the docile face of Ingolstadt.

Which shows little docility is the heart that gives life to the Audi S1. We face the same engine of Volkswagen Golf R the 2.0-liter TFSI. In this case the mechanical develops 231 hp and 370 Nm of torque. This hidden under a covering of 1400 kilograms and mated to a manual six-speed gearbox as I have mentioned before.

The sweetest Terror

I'm a scary guy I'm afraid even the trailer for horror movies. But I jumped on the S1 I have met the devil or at least a friend of his. It is located under the hood sink roaring every time the right foot. And fear ... is the last thing I feel at this moment.

This engine uses a dual injection. When conditions require only low loads acts as indirect injection but at the time it is requested that the Audi S1 show all its fury mechanical uses direct. Furthermore this 2.0-liter is connected to an supercharging system with a 1.4 turbo blowing bars.

The key the Quattro

Meanwhile the Audi S1 continues to teach me his virtues. It's fast no doubt but for me this capability is not what makes you unique. The Quattro is our best ally. Depress the pedal to the metal in the turn is not something you can do with the rest of its competitors.

Indeed this reminds me of when I had the chance to try another compact to take up arms the Volkswagen Polo R of which I offered my partner Domingo test. It was amazingly fast the sensations were magnificent. But woe to you if you were looking paddle furiously in the rotation the shock was championship. The Wolfsburg equipped with a front wheel drive and the understeer that gave you so transmitted to the front axle 220 horses came sometimes be dangerous power.

Do you dare to challenge him?

After miles of curves that seemed to take me to hell the German has convinced me. Moored to your steering wheel sometimes I felt whole Fernando Alonso. But electronic appears more times than you can imagine. The XDS differential incorporates the "torque vectoring" a system that applies in the inner wheel of the curve selective braking to improve efficiency.

For the latter you a breather and sit in your flesh each reaction of S1 the brand has the Audi Drive Select allowing you to select the driving mode that suits the moment. While the "comfort" of the German alters personality making it a nicer guy the "dynamic" takes the naughty side of it also reducing the presence of electronics. Halfway the "auto" which adapt the car depending on the needs.

In the distance the end of the road and next to it a siding where we can relax both the Audi S1 like me. Hand on the shifter for shifting down and incidentally filling my ears with heavenly music. The notes are thrown from the four tailpipes of the sports utility are able to erizarte hair but and being an important but will miss occasional backfire. And as practice without theory is nothing without a good roar explosion can leave halfway.

Diablo inside and outside

Naturally driving is the first thing I'm willing to do when I get on a car especially if the frame to which'm gone is called S1 and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. But after a good talk with each of the cars I try I like to sit in front of them and analyze again his image looking for those places that make it unique.

In this section an Audi A1 TDI S-line package could lure more than one posing as the S1. The differences are few but exclusive. First the optical present a more ripped design the same can now see the newly introduced restyling of his brother A1. The front shows darkest lines more aggressive for the huge grille of course is where you place the distinctive Audi S1 being governed.

The profile lets us see some nice rims in this press unit are 18 inches and keep a S five-spoke design. This motif hides a colored brake calipers red S1 in our case combined with the exterior color printing leaving a racing our eyes. Similarly it is here that the three-door configuration looks with sportier forms. And if you prefer is also available in five-door though to my taste whenever we speak of sportsmanship I prefer the coupe finish. A decision which obviously has its bad side the entrance to the passenger compartment and the feeling of being in a smaller space.

Finally our journey to cover Audi S1 just in his rear place of worship in the utility to discover not one not two not three ... but four tailpipes. As you know the S models ride a quad exhaust out while the RS comply with two but larger diameter. This auction is appreciated giving the small radical a much more extreme image.

Menudos seats!

Its architecture although apart from the rest of the range in specifics is quite correct. But what about inside? In the interior we find more of the same. Unexceptional except the wheel flattened S1 emblems version appearing in the ring dash or multimedia system and seats a true work of art.

The problem comes when you realize that are optional and have to pay 730 euros for them. A price that at least not extortionate. Furthermore the characteristics of these seats are spectacular. The design in imitation of a backets is very successful and grip and comfort they offer leaving you in a low sporty stance are to redial.

Exclusive in all aspects

And here it is. It's been a long time since Audi wrote an important page in the history of the competition with its Quattro S1. Not so long ago the company paid homage at the same hoops introduced a special edition called Audi A1 Quattro that among its virtues was to offer 265 horsepower. But despite being a Titan asphalt until today we can not say that S has a new member in your family.

Audi S1 Rear View
Audi S1 Specs
Audi S1 Photo
Audi S1 Design

Great athlete and great seducer but too inaccessible. Its price starts at 34245 euros may be around 40000 euros as is the case in our press unit if you flirt a little with his equipment list. Few could stand up in a race but almost everyone can do with price. And for you an example and relatively speaking the Renault Clio RS asking 24000 euros. for the other reviews about the newest cars visit here.

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