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Three types of Compact Utility

Audi A1 Review

Published at Thursday, April 07th 2016, 04:17:29 AM by Leonard J. Martinez. Uncategorized.

The Compact Utility sector is one that has experienced the greatest boom in recent years. To be reserved for the few minority carriers has become a very interesting space for manufacturers market since there has been a demand for smaller vehicles mostly for urban traffic moderate costs and comfort. Customers want the convenience and quality of finished vehicles of small features but easy to maneuver.

The Premium Utility: Audi A1

The first bet of the German mark in this sector hit the market in late 2010 supported by a promotional campaign to make it known. The Audi A1 is a vehicle in its three-door version 3.95m long and has space for four people. Its refined appearance full of details make it one of the mainstays of utilitarian premium those with a moderate cost and allowing exclusivity customer with endless color combinations to the body and interior.

This car stands out for its agility and moderate consumption with a wide range of diesel and petrol engines to choose from. Designed to appeal to an audience eager for a car with style without neglecting the extensive equipment available the Audi A1 is still making its way in this competitive industry. You can meet in our official Audi dealers in Barcelona Motorsol Import.

The smallest: Smart Fortwo

The Smart was one of the pioneers of micro utility when in 1998 it introduced the first generation of Smart Fortwo a car tandem available in coupe and convertible body styles. Since then they have sold more than 1.3 million of this model with a formula that is still active today with the Smart Fortwo 2012 version as reference for the sector.

A superb visibility and a length of just 2.7 meters are the two pillars of this vehicle with more than enough room inside for two and a trunk can hold a couple of packages.

The Mercedes always present in the manufacturing and quality performance Smart is added to this vehicle with engines ranging between 54 and 102 hp plus. And all this without being at odds with prices that start on the 10000 €. In our dealers Mercedes Cars Barcelona you can see in all its glory.

Functional: Skoda Citigo

And the third utility we reviewed is the Skoda Citigo belonging to the new generation of compact cars that have arisen. Sharing chassis with their "brothers" Volkswagen Up! and SEAT Mii the Citigo is a supermini reduced cost which functionality of the set while offering a youthful and dynamic image.

His 3.56 meters long and 1.65 meters wide are compressed in a four-door body that offers the perfect space for four occupants something very rare in this sector in the 3 doors are the dominant trend.

Skoda Citigo Rear View
Audi A1 Wallpaper
Audi A1 Interior
Audi A1 Review

Without much fanfare in equipment "of playing to the gallery" the Skoda Citigo attacks where most interest to most customers: pocket. With frugal engines that do not pass the 5l / 100km an investment security premium over aesthetics (comes standard airbags ESP ABS Isofix systems ...) and a set starting price of less than € 7000 the Citigo can become an option worth considering whether a car intended for urban use or small tours are looking for. In our official dealer Skoda Castellon Marzá Import you will know much more than small utility. for the other reviews about the newest cars visit here.

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