Buyer’s process to purchase a product or a service has changed. With the Internet, the buyer can find a lot of options and make an investigation before they decide to purchase something.

If you want to make a great sale, you have to know who your buyer is (Buyer Persona) and why the do before actually purchase something (Buyer’s Journey), this will let you know the psychology of your users, know their needs and give you the path for you to solve their needs.

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

Buyer’s Journey is a Marketing concept that describes the path that the user follows to make a purchase. It can be summarized in 3 steps that almost every buyer does before they buy some product or service.

We are going to explain those stages and you can think about which strategies or actions can be implemented in your company to follow those steps and find out why the user decides to buy or not to buy.

Awareness stage:

This is the moment when the buyer realices that they have a problem, so they start looking for something that can solve that problem or alleviate that pain.

At this stage, the buyer is looking for general information, they may not know a lot about this subject, so they are in a learning process and looking for all the possible solutions to that problem.

For example, they want to go to an island, so they May search “Best Islands to visit in July”. They know they want to travel to an island, but they don’t know yet which one is better at that time of the year.

Consideration stage:

At the consideration stage, the buyer already knows they have a problem, and they start to look for potential solutions. This is the moment when the user is ready to meet those companies or brands that will have the product or the service that is going to solve the buyer’s problem.

At this stage, the buyer is going to consider all the options to solve the problem.

For example, they have already decided that they want to go to Hawaii, so they are going to search “Hotels for couples in Hawaii”.

Decision stage:

At this stage, the buyer has already seen all the options that can solve their problem, and decide for a particular product or service. But still is not that easy, the buyer wants to know that they made the correct decision, so they research the company, their prices and reviews to know if it’s a brand to trust.

But if the buyer doesn’t like what they see, they repeat the whole process again until they find the perfect product or service and they honestly like and trust the brand that sells it.

For example, at this stage they may search “Hotel X on Hawaii Cancellation Policy” or “activities on Hotel X in Hawaii”.

Buyer’s Journey will help you to improve your sales and give your users a better experience on their purchase process. At digital marketing agency Simbolo, they make the best strategies to follow Buyer’s Journey.