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Wheel wash machines become something that may be necessary for the construction industry and companies. They will have many vehicles that come and leave the construction site, and it is important to make sure that the vehicles will be clean once they leave the site. It is to prevent some problems that may appear once the soils and materials make the road dirty. Since vehicles, such as trucks, come inside the site to bring materials, it is normal to have soiled tires. However, these may pollute the road, and it can become a problem. Even, it may lead to accidents. To prevent bad things, having a tire washing system is important.

Tire Washing Technology from MobyDick

Moby-Dick has become a great choice to get the tire washing machines. The manufacturer develops good washing systems with efficient and effective technology. The engineers do not only think about how to clean the tires easily and effectively, but it should also be able to reduce the power consumption so later the companies or users of the machines will be able to save the costs for its power. Because of that, the technology uses combinations of the water volume and the water pressure. Instead of using high pressure that may require higher energy consumption, it utilizes the water volumes with designed nozzles so it still can provide an effective cleaning process.

Recycling Water Tank

In fact, MobyDick also provides the wheel washing system with a water tank. This is the solution to save the water consumption. The water from the cleaning process will not be wasted. However, the water will be recycled and filtered, and then it is stored in the tank. By doing this way, the water consumption will be more efficient since the dirty water from the cleaning process still can be filtered and it is reused for another cleaning process. By having these systems, the machines clean the wheels effectively and efficiently.