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A company’s shares outstanding is a number that represents the total number of issued shares in a company. This is different from a company’s market capitalization and share price, which are based on the total value of all outstanding shares. You can find this information on most financial websites such as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance.

What Is a Company’s Share Outstanding?

The number of outstanding shares is the total number of shares in a company. It’s also known as market capitalization, and it’s calculated by multiplying the current share price by the number of outstanding shares. For example, if you have 100 shares at $10 apiece, your company has a market cap (and therefore share outstanding) of $1 million ($10 x 100 = $1).

The third definition refers to how this information appears on your financial statements: usually expressed as a number instead of an equation like above.

How To Find Using Google Finance

This can be done by searching for your company’s name on financial websites like Google Finance or Yahoo Finance, which will show you its most recent balance sheet (and other important information).

To find a company’s shares outstanding, go to Google Finance and type in the company name. You’ll see a table of key statistics for your search result. Scroll down until you find “Shares Outstanding” and then look for a number that looks like this:

  • Share price: $50.00
  • Market cap: $1 billion (or whatever)
  • Shares outstanding: 100 million

If you want to know how many shares are in the float that is, how many shares are available for trading on the open market subtract the number of shares outstanding from the total number of shares.

How To Find Using Yahoo Finance

To find a company’s shares outstanding, you’ll need to search for the company’s ticker symbol on Yahoo Finance. Once you’ve found the correct ticker symbol, click on its name and then click on “Financials.” From there, scroll down until you see “Shares Outstanding” and look for how many shares are outstanding (this may be listed as “Outstanding Shares” or something similar).

Share Prices and Market Capitalization

The market capitalization of a company is the total dollar value of all its outstanding shares. To calculate a company’s market capitalization, you multiply the number of issued shares by their price per share. For example, if Company X has 1 million shares outstanding and each share trades at $10, then its total market cap would be: 1 million x $10 = $10 million.

Understand What This Number Means

When you’re trying to figure out how much a company is worth, it’s important to understand what this number means. To calculate the number of company shares outstanding, you need two pieces of information: the total number of shares issued by a company and the total amount paid for those shares (also known as their “market value”). This can be found in their annual report or quarterly filings with the SEC.


We hope you’re now armed with the knowledge to understand what this number means, and how to find it. It’s a valuable piece of information for any investor or trader who wants to know more about a company before making an investment decision.