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The industry environment includes everything that affects your business. This means the market conditions, regulations, and technological advances that can impact your revenue growth and profit margin. In this post, we’ll walk through some of the most common factors in any industry environment and how they help shape a company’s success or failure.

Industry Environment Include Change

Industry environment include change and this is a good thing. It means the company is adapting to its environment and will be able to compete better in the future. If you’re working for a company that isn’t changing, then it may not survive long enough for you to see any of your work come to fruition.

Industry Environment Include Disruption

The industry environment include disruption. Disruption is a change that creates uncertainty, risk, and potential opportunity for those who can adapt quickly enough to it. Disruptive technologies have become an integral part of the modern business landscape, but they are not always easy to spot until it’s too late. We look at three disruptive technologies that could affect your industry in 2019: blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.

Industry Environment Include Regulation

Regulation is an important part of your industry’s environment. Regulations are rules that govern how companies can operate and what they can do within a certain industry, like banking or healthcare. For example, in the banking industry, there are regulations that require all banks to follow certain guidelines and report on their financial performance periodically.

Industry Environment Include Technological Advancement

Technological advancement is an important component of the industry environment. It can be defined as the process of introducing new technologies or methods into an organization, which then leads to improvements in efficiency and quality. Technological advancements can also result in innovation, disruption, and change within an industry or economy at large.

The Industry Environment Include What You Make It

The industry environment includes what others make it as well the changes they bring to the table, whether they’re positive or negative (or both). This could be an influx of new competitors who are looking to get in on the action, or an existing company deciding to change its focus from one product line to another (and taking its resources with it).

The industry environment also includes disruption caused by technological advancements outside your control: advances that cause your business model to become obsolete overnight and force you into finding new ways of doing things; advances that allow others’ products or services at lower prices than yours; advances that give customers greater convenience than what was previously possible.


The industry environment is a big part of your business. It includes everything from the products you make and sell, to how customers use them, to how regulations impact your operations. You can’t control everything that happens outside your company walls, but understanding what influences your industry allows you to make better decisions about where it’s headed and how best to respond when things change unexpectedly.