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International marketing jobs are an excellent way to get started in the world of marketing. They offer the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects and industries, often with brands that are household names. With this list of international marketing jobs functions, you can explore what each role entails and find out more about how your career path might look.

International Marketing Liaison

International marketing liaisons are responsible for managing the relationship between a company and its international partners. They promote the company’s products and services, and are responsible for resolving issues that arise in the relationship.

The role of an international marketing liaison is to ensure that all parties involved in a partnership understand each other’s expectations. This includes communicating with employees at all levels of an organization, such as those who work directly with clients or distributors abroad, as well as those who handle legal issues related to foreign contracts or partnerships (e.g., lawyers).

Key Account Manager

Key Account Managers are responsible for managing the relationship with a key customer or group of customers. Key Account Managers are responsible for developing and maintaining long-term relationships with key customers, who are often large companies or organizations. Key Account Managers also manage the customer’s needs and expectations, as well as making sure that their own company delivers on those needs in an effective way.

Global Brand Manager

The global brand manager is responsible for managing the global brand strategy, creating a consistent experience across all markets, managing the marketing budget and working with the marketing team to develop and implement global marketing campaigns. The role also involves working with product teams to ensure that the brand is consistent across all products.

Global Category Manager

As a global category manager, you’re responsible for a specific product or product line. You must ensure that the product is successful in each market it’s sold in. In order to do this, you will work with local marketing managers to develop strategies and tactics for the market. You’ll also need to work with suppliers so that they can meet local requirements (such as packaging).

International Marketing Manager

International marketing jobs is the promotion of a company’s products in foreign markets. The international marketing manager is responsible for the development of strategies and plans to promote the company’s products internationally. The international marketing manager also develops marketing strategies, plans and programs that are consistent with the overall marketing strategy.

The following are some additional duties that an international marketer may perform:

  • Developing promotional tactics for use in specific locales or countries;
  • Creating advertising campaigns for distribution outside your local area;
  • Setting up sales offices abroad;
  • Negotiating contracts with distributors who represent your company overseas

Great Way to Get Started in Marketing

International marketing jobs are in high demand, which means that you can find a job fairly easily and quickly. International marketing is an excellent opportunity for those interested in learning more about different cultures and markets around the world, as well as gaining experience with various kinds of products and services.


The international marketing job market is growing and it’s a great time to get started in this exciting field. If you have an interest in working abroad, check out these jobs!