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There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding the best car services in Finland, particularly in Helsinki. It can be overwhelming to find the right place to take your vehicle for service. That is why I have compiled a list of the top auto repair shops in Helsinki, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. I made the list below with facts obtained from company reviews in Finland about auto repairers.


This brand brags about performing its services with honesty, great customer service, and trying to ensure total satisfaction. You will always leave with a smile after a job is done. The quotes are always right for whatever job is to be done. Customers are never overcharged.

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Autoasi services all brands. They try to maintain your vehicle’s warranty by avoiding errors through each repair or maintenance process. The experts at Autoasi possess the know-how and the best equipment to service whatever brand you bring to their workshop.

Services are done as fast as possible. You will not have to wait for weeks before your vehicle can be attended to. You can trust this repairer to be your only go-to place for vehicle repair and maintenance. Knowledge of your vehicle’s workings is not necessary. The problem will be easily diagnosed and resolved without you needing to understand the fault.


Paimolan Autokorjaamo has been performing services such as vehicle washing, renting, and painting since 2008. That is almost a decade and a half of industry experience. They will take care of your car like it is theirs, so bring your vehicle for periodic maintenance and repairs. It does not matter the brand of car you drive, these professionals will handle the job well.

Your vehicle will be maintained in line with the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. These experts will make sure that all the important maintenance items related to your car’s functionality are gone through in the process of executing the job.

The kind of maintenance services that Paimolan Autokorjaamo offers will greatly reduce your visits to the auto repairer. That is top-quality maintenance that is cheap and proper.

Auto Repair


Autoklinikka is an industry leader in auto body repair. It has a chain of workshops in Finland. The company is under the Nordic Werksta Group. You can expect amazing customer service and standard-quality services from Autoklinikka. Two notable merits of this company are that it has a country-wide service network and it is Tesla-approved.

Total Number of Automotive Companies in the Finnish Territory

The number of automotive companies in Finland is a total of 12,888. The province with the largest number of such companies is Helsinki. It has a market share of 23%. That is 3,011 businesses. Turku is second on the rankings with 1,172 companies. That is 9% of the market share. Third on the list is Turku and they have 1,168 businesses in the industry. The combined total of the three provinces in terms of market share is 42%.

Top 8 Largest Automotive Companies in Helsinki, Finland

  1. Raskone Oy    Helsingfors
  2. Länsiauto Oy    Helsingfors
  3. Berner Oy    Helsingfors
  4. Metroauto Oy    Helsingfors
  5. Rautaruukki Oyj    Helsingfors
  6. Incar Oy    Helsingfors
  7. Autokeskus Oy    Helsingfors
  8. Aimo Park Finland Oy    Helsingfors

It is important to do your research as well as choose a reputable and reliable business, no matter which auto repair shop you choose to take care of your vehicle. You can be confident in my lists of auto repair shops and 8 automotive companies to make the best decision—be it for repairs or purchases.